Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's Here

The full story to come.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome!! You look like a pilot sitting there in your own plane. The first ultralight I ever saw was a Pterodactyl. It flew into a parking lot for a grand opening of a Big Sur Waterbed store. I was probably about 6 and I still remember the plane and the store :-)


Ross said...

Hey Mark, good luck, keep us posted. Never give up the Dream! Flying is the best thing ever!!! You will make a great pilot!!!
From all of us in South Africa; Good Luck!!
BTW: A favorite quote of mine that was invented by the Honeyborne family is, "Forever Flying free!"
For some great reading get Freedom flight a great book about an ultralight adventure around the world! Starting with to South Africans in this small country we call home!!

Mark Zinkel said...

Thanks Ross for your kind comments.

At this point, I don't think that there's anything has a strong enough force to pry me away from this dream. Flying is not only a personal goal, but a professional goal as well.

I've always wanted to visit South Africa. People look at me weird when I mention that, but from what I've heard it sounds like a really cool place. Sure...there's some racial issues, but it's not like America hasn't gone through that as well. The challenging thing will be shipping my plane, getting permission to fly, etc.

I've actually already read Freedom Flight. I wasn't expecting it to be so sad. I've actually had thoughts of flying around the world in a light aircraft, but after reading Freedom Flight with stories of flying over open water, and dense forests, I decided that flying from coast to coast in the US would be good enough.

As the scientists theories go, all humans started out in Africa and I would love to visit the place where our species originated.

Mark Z.

Flying a plane at 16! said...

I like it that you got the domain name of instead of the long blog address. The new domain is easy to remember and easy to get to. I am so glad that us young pilots are finally getting into the sport and life of aviation and making an impact. I can't wait to here about the story's that will be coming from you Mark. I would say for you that the hard work is paying off for you. Keep on living and dreaming that flying dream.

Ross said...

Hey Mark,
SA's one of the best places in the world! (No... I'm NOT mad!)
Many people think of SA either as a small place where there are lions in our yards and everyone is black... or... they think it is a terrible country with horrible racist problems! Hey, America went through the racisim and people in America still think that black people are idiots! NOT THE CASE!!! Would LOVE to see you here in SA!
Check out the news, our "great" (NOT!) future PREZ Jacob Zuma has been cleared of all charges and they are now trying to boot Thabo Mbeki out! Literally 6 months before the next elections! Can't they wait? :(
Anyway, I look forward to seeing more of your blogs!
PS: I am busy training on trikes! See for my instructors school!