Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Beginning

It all started about four months ago when I figured out that I can legally fly an ultralight aircraft. I've allways been into flight, but it's now where I get serious. Ever since that rainy January day, my life has changed dramatically. I'm spending more time researching, mowing lawns, pulling weeds, reading theory of flight books, etc. People have found me being "buisy" all the time. I've been staying awake past my bedtime and find myself daydreaming in class. I've discovered that I'm a bird in human form and it's about time to fly!
Ultralighting is much better than flying a 747, Cessna 150, or an F-18. People who fly ultralights don't do it to make money, transport goods, or bomb Iraq, people fly ultralights for one reason...to fly! Although they don't go fast, they still dance in the air, drift with the brese, and soar with the birds. Boeing 737s don't fly at all, they only move, ultralights fly.
The past four monts I've only been doing a couple of things...learning about ultralights, and saving money for my ultralight.
My ship will be the Quicksilver MX. It's probably the most famous ultralight of them all. Ever since the early 80s this ship has proven great reliability, safty, and excitement. It also has a cheep sticker on it. I will buy a used one and that will probably cost me somewhere between $2,000 and $4,000. That's a really good price! Now I don't mean to give a free add, but I think Quicksilver deserves a pat on the back.

It's all a matter of time,
As it gets closer, everything will go slower,
And the excitement goes up
Saying "I can't wait" is an understatement,
Hopefully soon I will be up there,
Looking down wondering if you're watching,
Because I will be watching you,
As of now, It's all a matter of time.

Tailwinds - Mark


Welcome all,

This is my journal about persuing my dreams. It's a story about what started with a 14 year old boy with the addiction in flight and ended with somthing great. So much better than anyone would have ever imagined.

This is only the beginning,
And the best part is not there yet,
Once it's started,
I will never go back!

Tailwinds - Mark Zinkel