Monday, June 21, 2010

Internship at DFE Ultralights

There have been a lot of questions as to how I was going to get my Pterodactyl flying. The more I worked on my project, the more parts I found that needed to be replaced. With every part that would need to be replaced comes a cost. Then there was questions as to how I would learn to fly in such a unique and unusual aircraft now that the FAA got rid of the ultralight training exception. All of these problems were accumulating over time and I wasn't sure if I would ever have my Pterodactyl flying. Now, all of these problems have a remedy.

Last April, Dave Froble, the man at DFE Ultraligts who supplies parts and kits for Pterodactyls, send me an email asking me what I was going to be doing during my summer break. I replied and he then offered me an internship at his place in Pennsylvania. I would learn how to work on Pterodactyls, how to determine if parts are airworthy or not, and how to fly. In addition, Dave would give me a place to stay and food to eat. After consulting with the authorities (parents), we bought a plane ticket and I packed my bags.

As I am working (If you would even call it work) in Pennsylvania, I'll keep this place updated.