Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Birthday Gift

I'm writing this latest post in Boulder Colorado. We drove all the way here from California to visit my brother. He moved here a little less than a year ago. We also decided to celebrate my birthday and thanksgiving up here (at 5,300 ft) too.

The drive was long, yet it wasn't so bad. It would have helped if the scenery wasn't as redundant during the trip. Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming looks almost identical....only slight changes. This makes me glad that I live in California. Green California!

The day we arrived, we went to a restraunt to have a low key birthday celebration. The food was quite delicious. I had a ciabatta mushroom sandwich and as nasty as it sounds, it was actually quite tasty. With a low appetite from driving all that day, my stomach filled up quickly.

Me being me, I wanted to open my birthday gifts at the last possible moment, but my mother wanted me to do it I did. All of the gifts were great, but stood out. It was a one hour trike flight with Douglas Donaldson from Golden State Trikes (!

I allways thought I'd be a fixed wing ultralight guy, but I never even thought about trying out some weight shift. Papapaul posted a comment on my previous post saying that I should wait a little longer and get a trike. This made me curious. Perhaps I would enjoy trike flying better? With that in mind, I started thinking about getting an introductory flight in a trike. I never told my mom this, but ironicly, thats what I got.

Whenever I find a good weathered weekend and Douglas D. is available, I'll be off flying once again. Afterwards, you can expect another post.

See you in a couple of weeks!

Mark Zinkel