Monday, October 09, 2006

Youtube Video


I recenly made a video just for this blog, so I hope you enjoy it.

Ultralight Flight Dream

Stay tuned, great stuff is just around the corner!

Mark Z.


Robert Laird said...

Mark -- I appreciate your enthusiasm for UL flying and I hope you realize your dream, and live the life! But just a side note: I saw your YouTube video and it was nice, but I also noticed that you had some video in there that is mine. I think it's fair to say that few people ever get compensated for the photography they do, so the only left is to be properly recognized. It's probably best if you provide attribution in your videos for the images you "borrow" from others. It's a bit more work on your part, but probably not nearly the work that others put into their videos. So, I'd certainly suggest you follow that rule in the future... it would be the noble and ultralight-friendly thing to do.

-- Robert

Mark Z. said...


I couldn't agree with you any more. To be honest, I never even thought about crediting the people that spent hard work filming all of the videos that's in the video. What I can do now is change the video description on youtube and give thanks for all of the vidographers. In the future, I will simply add credits to the end of the video and let each author know what I'm doing with their video.

On the bright side, 289 people (as of today) has seen part of that video of yours. Even better was that you weren't paying for the bandwidth for all of those 289 downloads.

Thanks for visiting this blog and please come again.

Mark Z.

Mark Z. said...

A quick update for you Robert (if you're still reading). There's been 16,109 viewers who's seen this video, which means at least half (if not more), saw your clip. That's what's so great about youtube.

Happy flying,

Mark Z. said...

We're now up to 23,687 views!

Adam H said...

Wow Mark. ...Amazing... Truly amazing...
...I've never known anyone quite as dedicated to reach for the stars as you are !

Always push on, be optimistic and the glass will always be half full, never half empty!