Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Welcome all,

This is my journal about persuing my dreams. It's a story about what started with a 14 year old boy with the addiction in flight and ended with somthing great. So much better than anyone would have ever imagined.

This is only the beginning,
And the best part is not there yet,
Once it's started,
I will never go back!

Tailwinds - Mark Zinkel


Ascribedproductiveness-xCR said...
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Paul said...

Good luck on your journey to flying. On thing to consider before you try and purchase something is this, where are you going to store it ? I've been thru the same whole process. I decided to go with a trike. Easy to store and easy to move. Pretty sweet to fly

Paul said...

No hanger fees or worries about the UL being tied up somewhere in the weather.

Mark Z. said...

Thank you Paul for commenting. The words of advice, compliments and complaints really makes me excited (even the complaints). This blog wouldn't exist as long as it has if I didn't know that there were people actually reading it.

As you might already know, I enjoy trike flying just as much as I enjoy all the other fixed wing ultralights.

My next aircraft that I'm seriously considering is either a 103 legal Mini Max or a two seat trike. I eventually want to become an instructor for sport pilot and ultralight (if there'll be any left at that time) students, so my financial situation will determine what path I choose.

I've thought about storage, and have a rough plan on where to store and build my future aircraft. If the Skypup didn't have detachable wings, I would absolutely be choosing another aircraft and most likely would chose some sort of 103 legal trike.

Flying wise, I enjoy all forms of light aviation. Convenience wise, a trike has many advantages that the Skypup does not. Wings that can easily be rolled up into a cylinder shape is one advantage. Easier storage in the garage and much easier transportation are other advantages. A disadvantage is that trikes tend to cost a little more than fixed winged aircraft, but perhaps I can find a safe, affordable (for me the 15 year old), and 103 legal trike. Thanks for the comment because I'm now re-evaluating my options.

Thanks again for all the kind words and advice! Are you the Paul that I've met outside the airport FBO?

Mark Z. - Ground school in 24 days!

Anonymous said...

This part should go at the top of the page in my opinion.